About Me

About Me

What is makeup? It is power. Makeup can greatly enhance the looks of a woman. It has the power to transform and create dramatic effect by highlighting dull areas of any face. Sushmita has always been passionate about the art of makeup. She can elegantly use her brushes and bring out the diva in you.

Every woman deserves to feel special, and as a star MUA, Sushmita has devoted her life to making faces look ultra-sensational. Makeup is both a science as well as an art, and the right blend of art and science creates magic! Whether you want that bold Kardashian look or you are more into a sparkly Ariana Grande makeover, Sushmita Mangla can be your artist to glam up your pretty face. A make-over by Sushmita Mangla is simply exceptional and bridal makeup is her specialty.

The beauty industry is scaling up at an exponential rate, and trends are as dynamic as anything. Every woman can pull off a fierce look with smoky eyes and nude makeup, or the queen of hearts look with red lipstick and sunset shadow. However, flawless makeup requires skilled hands that work like magic.

Sushmita assures her clients a seamless and effortless appointment process where she offers one-on-one interaction. Her collaboration options are open for brands and besides that she also offers comprehensive courses on makeup. 

Want to rock a ravishingly stunning look with chic makeup? Book your big makeup session with Sushmita now!

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